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1. Customized Image-based Robotic Hybrid

Stomping roller blind(2020)

2.The Useless Customization

Muda-Zukuri's useless inventions

3. The Kinetic Image-object

Sticking out the tongue CD-ROM(2020)

Poping up and staying down hares(2020)

 (including in my degree show project. 👈)

Japanese Inventor Muda-Zukuri creates useless inventions.

Her inspiration came from her personal life experience: she mourned her own small breasts, so she used a pump and balloons to invent the machine that could enlarge the breasts while walking. She has been single, she bought a plastic head model in the ten yuan store, painted it following the look of her favorite male star, designed the circuit, and combined with the steering gear, let ‘her boyfriend’ kiss her or hug her from behind; She designed a mechanical arm that continually waved toward the face while holding banknotes, in order to increase the motivation of the office worker to make money…

Practical value is that it can be widely applied and bring convenience to life. Muda-Zukuri’s useless machines could not solve the practical application problems, or it cannot be widely used by everyone, but it faithfully meets her needs, so it has useful value for her.




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Stomping roller blind (2020)

Stamping roller blind (2020) is my first experiment on combining the image with the customized robotic structure.

A found clip about a horse keeping stomping its hoof was cast onto the lower surface of the roller blind, which was installed on the door frame.

I found an open-source model of the gear part of the curtain at and 3D printed to replace the original gear of the roller blinds. Following the online tutorial about the automated blinds for the smart home, I then attached a stepper motor to the gear, which connected to the bearing. Rather than creating a smart home device, I used Arduino programming to make the frequency of the lifting movement of the blinds to match the frequency of the stomping horseshoe in the picture.

😭Troubles and doubts encountered:

The choice of the motor:

I firstly used the stepper motor as described in the online tutorial. However, the maximum speed of the motor still couldn’t match the frequency of the stomping horseshoe, as such high speed is not necessary for daily use.

🔧Solutions and strategies:

1)I then started my tests on different motors to find out a motor, which has the high speed and torque could adjust the exact position as it needs to make the blind constantly lift and fell down, in the same time it needs to be strong enough as the blind for the door is quite long.

After having tried different circuits and codes, I found the DC motor could meet my needs. And, I also used the L298n motor driver module to control the direction of the motor.


1)The controllable machine and natural instincts

My strategies about controlling the bespoke machine to pair it with found scene make me think about the inner comparison between manipulation(control) and the natural instincts intervened by the people’s control, which caused the existing scene in the daily urban life:Rather than running at ease on the endless prairie, the urban house is forced to stand on their limbs for a long time and are fitted with horseshoes for human needs, so the horses keep stomping their feet uncomfortably in fatigue.


2)The “useless” customization 

The bespoke daily articles have not become easier to use or smarter in daily life but are closer to the needs of artists. While the everyday object becomes “useless”, the artist develops a specific value consistent with the concept of the artwork based on its daily characteristics, which is indeed useful.

Sticking out the tongue CD-ROM (2020)

With my experience of using the motor to control the movement of daily objects, I then

disassembled a CD-ROM and connected the small stepper motor with Arduino to make the tray of the disc constantly ejecting from and inserting to the CD-ROM. Then I used my home printer to print an online image of the tongue on the surface of a disc and put it on in the tray, so the tongue in the image is repetitively sticking out from the CD-ROM.


The connection between the movement of sticking out the tongue in the image and the motion of the tray of CD-ROM was built within this image-based robotic mix.

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This work adapted to the home-made Karaoke DVD player in my degree show project. 👈